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Android keyboard app, no internet access, no access to shared files:

Hlider Keyboard: hlider220.apk
2.0 MB, more than 65 languages and 140 layouts.

Version number: 2.20

Update of 2022-10-30:
  • icons output was redesigned, solving the problem with the color of the icons in some android settings;
  • added height adjustment of the bottom indent of the keyboard.

In the basic version only the basic functions of the keyboard are available, in the settings app you can try all the available functions, after purchase they will become available in all other applications.

You can also install a keyboard from stores:,

You can follow the updates in the telegram channel @Hlider
and in the VK group Hlider

Dictionaries are safe, do not have access to the Internet, just a database in the search application on it:

Hlider Lexicon English: hlider_en.apk (3.3 MB, 370,000 words)

Hlider Lexicon Русский: hlider_ru.apk (10 MB, 1.5 million words)

Hlider Lexicon Čeština: hlider_cz.apk (2.5 MB, 70,000 words)

When you download .apk file you may get a warning about the danger of downloading the file, as the system perceives as a third-party source. The files downloaded from our site are safe for your system, we do not collect your personal data, the programs do not have access to the Internet, and the shared files on your device. When you download, click "Download Anyway".

Find where you downloaded .apk file, on some devices downloaded files can be found in the application "Files", "My files", or "Explorer". Open the .apk and on the offer to install it, click "Install".

If the installation was blocked, allow the installation of unknown applications in the settings, this can be found in Settings - Applications - Advanced settings, where enable the ability to download applications from unknown sources. After that run the installation of the application .apk again.

Instructions on how to enable the Hlider keyboard can be found in the keyboard app, you can see how it looks on this site in the "Help, Description" menu.